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Comprehensive protein strategy? Protein biosynthesis? Meat-based, vegan, alternative proteins? At InFamily Foods, there is a lot happening that might raise questions. We’ve put together the most common FAQs for you here:

InFamily Foods is on a great mission: “To provide you with the best proteins.” We are convinced that new and sustainable proteins will be essential for the food of the future. But how do we plan on achieving our goal? With an enthusiasm for research, a passion for top quality, the expertise of our skilled employees, and the determination to defy the competition.

InFamily Foods: one group, three companies, one shared mission! 

The Family Butchers (TFB) is Germany’s second largest sausage producer with over 2,400 employees. 

The Plantly Butchers (TPB) develops high-quality foods that make vegan nutrition fun and delicious. 

The Cultivated B (TCB) focuses on systematic researching future sustainable proteins.

“Transforming our industry to serve next generations” is our vision. We are working on a comprehensive protein strategy for tomorrow and assume responsibility for future generations now. Curiosity, deep know-how, and new technologies are what drive us to be true innovators.

The group’s USP lies in the high diversification of our corporate mission “to provide you with the best proteins.” Our current positioning allows the breadth of our portfolio to cover a significant and foundational building block of the human diet. 

Through its three companies, InFamily Foods aims to contribute to the provision of sustainable proteins; the challenge here lies in issues such as resources, sustainability, and supply.

Still scratching your head?

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