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It should go without saying that one behaves decently towards others. But in everyday working life, you may find yourself in situations that are perhaps unpredictable. And in a company as large as InFamily Foods-Group, a wide variety of people come together. To ensure fair, familiar and friendly interaction, we have drawn up some rules of the game for ourselves: Our Code of Conduct.


Here we define all the values that are important to us in our day-to-day cooperation with colleagues and business partners. Beyond the professional sphere, we also take responsibility for social issues such as environmental protection, diversity or human rights. We have also clearly defined our position on these issues.


Our Code of Conduct is not a restrictive set of rules, but a helpful guide. Here we have summarised our understanding of fair play in concrete terms. It is a small, clear compendium that everyone can refer to again and again if necessary.


If you have any information about a possible or actual violation of our Code of Conduct, please let us know - anonymously if you wish. All customers, suppliers, employees and other business partners have the opportunity to submit information.


As part of our whistleblower procedure, you can contact the Compliance Department at any time as follows:


Anonymous by means of whistleblower system:


via E-Mail:


via letter:
InFamily Foods Holding GmbH & Co. KG
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33775 Versmold


by phone:
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The InFamily Foods Code of Conduct